Official loan without Credit Bureau

Civil servant loans despite negative Credit Bureau entries

Civil servant loans despite negative Credit Bureau entries

Civil servants are the favorite clientele of the banks. Unlike other occupational groups, a loss of employment is almost impossible. As a borrower, they stand for the greatest possible security. This circumstance is rewarded by the credit institutions through interest rebates as part of so-called civil servants’ credits. Nevertheless, it can never be ruled out that even a public servant would want a civil service loan without Credit Bureau.

Official loan without Credit Bureau – is there any?

Civil service loans are granted by German banks specifically for civil servants. A loan without Credit Bureau comes mostly from Switzerland or Liechtenstein. In both countries an institution like the Credit Bureau is unknown. Against this background, neither a query of Credit Bureau in Germany nor an entry of the loan there. Non-Credit Bureau loans are not target group-specific or product-specific loans, such as a car loan.

A loan without Credit Bureau is available for everyone and is given without earmarking. However, there are some conditions for a loan without Credit Bureau. This includes the age of majority of the applicant, a circumstance that is in any case given by an official. Furthermore, the applicant must prove his residence in Germany and maintain a checking account with a German bank. As a security is primarily a salary assignment in question.

If one considers the conditions, it becomes clear that a “civil service loan” without Credit Bureau can be presented without problems. The lenders of course also consider the creditworthiness of the applicant. And this is at least from the framework seen from an official optimal. Whether the official, for whatever reason, has a negative Credit Bureau entry, the bank remains hidden in a civil service loan without Credit Bureau.

When does an official loan make sense without Credit Bureau?

When does an official loan make sense without Credit Bureau?

A weak credit rating is only rarely the reason why an official is looking for a loan without Credit Bureau. It may also give one or the other officials, who may have fallen behind with installment payments or simply forgot to pay a mobile phone bill. Both inevitably lead to a Credit Bureau entry.

An official loan without Credit Bureau is more likely to be used in other cases. For example, if mortgage lending is planned and there is a short-term need for a small loan, a loan without Credit Bureau makes sense. The small loan could have a negative effect on the creditworthiness and thus on the interest in connection with the mortgage lending. The detour via Switzerland prevents this.

Where is there a loan without Credit Bureau for civil servants?

Loans without Credit Bureau are not awarded directly by the financiers, but come about with the help of intermediaries. Here one must clearly distinguish between the reputable and the dubious providers. Reputable agents have been in business for many years and have a network to solve difficult cases. As a matter of principle, you will not charge the customer any fees. The black sheep in the industry often have no interest in lending, but earn their money in other ways.

  • You are already charging for the loan request.
  • They make the lending dependent on the conclusion of other products, such as insurance or home savings.

If one of these two points grips, it means immediately: Stay away. The credit comparison websites on the Internet also offer the award of a loan without Credit Bureau for civil servants. These intermediaries are consistently classified as reputable.


Borrowing money abroad – instant loan online

Just borrow fast money online with instant payout for everyone. Borrowing from private individuals is possible through dedicated lending platforms or through a credit intermediary, which in most cases not only has contact with domestic and foreign banks, but also private lenders willing to lend to individuals. You have a problem borrowing money abroad? Without Credit Bureau, no other financing option is advertised than to borrow money. Intensive credit advertising for creative-free credit solutions gives the impression that foreign banks, especially from Switzerland, grant every loan.

Credit without information

The effective interest rates of our negotiated loans are 5.29% for all periods. We also arrange low-interest loans for long-term and low-interest officials. Because these are usually installment loans or consumer loans, there is no possibility of prolongation, as is customary in such loans. The loan application is free of charge and non-binding, there are no further expenses or fees from the loan application, even for the review of the application, the documents or the loan granted in the subsequent course.

If the loan application is rejected, no further expenses will be incurred. In case of non-payment of the down payment a reminder will be sent with the reminder costs, but no more than 5 per payment reminder, plus any chargebacks. In this case, the borrower should act as quickly as possible and settle the open installment along with the fees – then the matter is settled and has no further disadvantages.

This is common and legally required. The statutory fees, court fees + legal fees + supplementary interest arise.

Money loans from abroad

Do you have a small problem borrowing money from abroad? Would you like to raise a loan to finance necessary repairs or major purchases, such as vacation travel, cars, or cell phones? Besides, is your credit rating not the best? Maybe you also have a bad Credit Bureau entry? You will learn how you do not have to plunge into costly loan traps to borrow money from abroad, and how to get your credit relatively easily.

In such a case, of course, you can borrow the money from your relatives or friends. However, it is not for everyone to ask relatives or acquaintances for money. A lack of creditworthiness or admission to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Credit Bureau) makes it difficult to agree on a credit on the one hand the creditworthiness and on the other hand, no admission to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Credit Bureau) may be present.

There are many ways of obtaining an unfavorable loan amount even without Credit Bureau information. So there are reputable financial intermediaries who specialize in obtaining credit from foreign financial institutions, negatively or poorly valued borrowers. The main activity of a broker is to assist in finding a suitable bank loan with a domestic or foreign bank.

A reputable broker advises you in detail about the offer of financing and shows you the advantages and disadvantages. Many intermediaries have good business relationships with less prestigious, small institutions and thus the chance of negotiating more favorable terms for foreign money loans. The credit rating of an applicant is almost exclusively by hand at small credit institutions, so that the agent can, for example, understand a negative contribution of the company.

Thus, such an input for the credit check is not as important as for a large bank, where such a procedure is largely computer-controlled. The two credit institutions specialize primarily in issues such as foreign money loans. When borrowing from abroad, a reputable broker will always act in your favor.

A reputable credit broker can be identified from four points of view: a new mobile phone network or the start-up capital for one’s own livelihood – loans from foreign banks are no longer a financing option that should be ignored. For a financial institution abroad speak the significantly simplified compared to our lending policies.

For this reason, a negative Credit Bureau entry or an insufficient credit rating plays only a minor role when it comes to taking money from abroad. This is where online loans are brokered, which are generally granted by Swiss banks. Needless to say, it is particularly difficult for this group of people to borrow money from abroad.

For a person in financial distress, it is often not easy to apply for a loan. The people with bad credit ratings or claims need the most money. In such situations, a Swiss loan would make sense. It is a loan from a Swiss financial institution.

Especially when it comes to borrowing money from abroad, that’s a big advantage. Of course, you need certain securities and income statements from Swiss institutions for such a loan transaction, but a credit check before the loan is required. If your creditworthiness is acceptable, the Swiss state loan is a real alternative to borrowing from abroad, even if you have a negative entry in Switzerland.

What do you have to watch out for when borrowing from abroad? It is important for you as a borrower that the monthly repayment rate for your loan transaction is as low as possible. In addition, the supply of credit should be made as flexible as possible. All of this should include a sustainable financing option for foreign borrowing. However, there are some points that you should consider to ensure that your job as an unemployed person, trainee, employee, student, self-employed person or retiree does not get in the way: Basically, the expenses incurred must be as accurate as possible in terms of foreign debt to be appreciated.

Therefore, do not take out a higher loan than is necessary. It is better to underpin the underestimated demand through follow-up or additional financing. The top priority for a planned project is to correctly estimate your financial situation and then calculate the loan amount. Ultimately this does not apply to the problem of borrowing from abroad.

In the evening, receipts and receipts record how much money was spent on the day. All information about your financial condition and creditworthiness must be accurate, careful and completely honest – when it comes to borrowing money from abroad, be honest, accurate and careful with all the information about your financial condition and creditworthiness.

So give a serious reflection of your economic situation. Anyone who presents himself to the house bank as a reliable partner by observing the above-mentioned advice should work with the loan and subsequently also with foreign money loans in and for himself.


Looking for a loan from private in Hamburg?

Find private financiers in Hamburg

Find private financiers in Hamburg

  • Reputable provider of loans from private in Hamburg.
  • The request is free and non-binding for all private credit intermediaries.
  • Our TOP 3 test winner for private loans with immediate payment.
  • Lend money privately in 24 hours

Personal loan received immediately in Hamburg

If a small sum of money is needed at the end of the month to quickly make urgent purchases or pay open bills, then there is no way around taking a loan. The loan is costly and therefore only recommended in urgent situations. However, the application to the bank may take several days or even weeks to be approved. In addition, the credit rating plays a major role and not always the loan is paid out.

However, banks are only one of the many ways to borrow money legally and securely in Hamburg. In recent years, more and more online services and portals have been formed that allow private individuals to borrow or lend money privately. There is no need for a loan shark in Hamburg. But how exactly do these portals work and what are the benefits of this?

The advantages of a loan from a private person in Hamburg

A big advantage is that the processing usually works quickly and easily. If you want to raise money yourself, then it usually suffices if you make a non-binding loan request. This is free and then you get an insight on what terms you could get a loan from private.

Instead of having to complete large bank applications, other criteria are crucial to getting the money. The credit rating is only one criterion of many. Because here too, the purpose and the personal background counts. While a bank uses a rigid system that is not adapted to individual needs, a comprehensive calculation is carried out at the online portals. This adapts to the lifestyle and especially for smaller amounts, this is very flexible.

Private credit intermediaries in Hamburg

The chance to receive a loan from private in spite of rather low Credit Bureau scores is significantly higher for personal loans. Because there are many more lenders, and among the multitude of lenders, it is more likely to find someone willing to give you the money. Especially for students and freelancers, who are currently in a difficult financial situation, this is a great advantage.

A personal loan is not just to bridge a small funding gap at the end of the month. This can also be used to realize a business idea. Many banks place high bureaucratic limits on such an allocation. It must be presented a completely designed business plan and only rarely are banks satisfied with this. With a private lender in Hamburg, there are no such high hurdles and private individuals are more willing to invest in a business idea, if this sounds plausible to you. For example, a private investor makes sense for higher sums.

If a suitable donor was found on the online portal, the money is usually available within 24 hours. The entire process from the non-binding inquiry to the conclusion of the loan transaction and the successful transfer usually only takes a few days. This is a crucial advantage when the money is needed urgently.

Online portals such as Lite Lender or Astro Finance are also reputable and fully legal in Germany. They have been operating for several years and the data protection is TÜV-tested. In addition, the portals are responsible for the complete processing of the loans. So there is no reason to fear that a personal loan will go hand in hand with unfair methods.

The process of borrowing with a private investor

The process of borrowing with a private investor

How exactly the loan is taken depends in detail on each individual online portal. Nevertheless, the procedure follows the same principle.

In the first step, a non-binding loan request is made. Here, the loan amount, the desired duration and the purpose is queried. This is easily done in an online request.

This is followed by an automated assessment of whether financing is possible. This happens within a few seconds and already makes it clear whether the lending ideas are realistic. In addition to the Credit Bureau score, numerous other credit factors are included.

If the loan is financeable by individuals and the terms are mutually acceptable then the identity must be confirmed. In order to avoid potential fraud, identity must be ensured through official procedures. Usually the methods: OnlineIdent, VideoIdent or PostIdent can be used. The procedures OnlineIdent and VideoIdent can be done from the comfort of your own home.

If the identity has been confirmed only the credit agreement must be confirmed. The signature can also be made online. So you can complete the complete loan application within a few minutes, provided that you carry out the identification methods online. After confirmation of the credit agreement, it takes about one to two days until the money is received in the account.

A key advantage of this process is that it can be done completely from home. There is no need to go to a bank branch, but the loan can be requested completely online.

Loan amount – 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 10000 USD or more

The loan amount can be up to 50,000 USD and the term is limited to 84 months at Lite Lender. So you can get very flexible and fast money. It does not matter if you only need a smaller amount at the end of the month or you want to finance a holiday. Unlike banks, private lenders take such needs into account and even make money available for such purposes.


Credit with 600 USD income

Banks applying for a loan with an income of 600 dollars or more. Here, however, the question arises, for which a loan interest can be paid. One more option for the low income loan, which opens on a monthly net income of around 600 dollars. From this income level it is possible to apply for a credit card. Real credit cards are provided with a purchase limit.

Cheap loans

The low-income loan is a sought-after model. However, income must have a certain amount to receive a loan. Otherwise, so-called loan collateral can enforce the low-income loan. There are a great many employees in this country who have a full-time job, paid for on a low income.

This means that many incomes are under the seizure exemption limit of currently over 1000 dollars. Anyone seeking a low-income loan must now provide additional collateral. Therefore, before applying for a loan, the borrower should review the monthly budget. How much can I pay off a loan?

Ideally, this would lead to an overhang, which could be partially used as a loan. Basically, one would think that a low-income loan is much more urgent than a high-income loan. A high earner often can not manage his income, while a low earner has his finances under control.

These low earners can afford one or the other money and are therefore happier than many high earners. Nevertheless, credit institutions do not grant credit if the necessary conditions are not met and that is the reasonably high income. If, for example, you receive unemployment or RESIDENTIAL IV. Child or parental allowance, this income will not be taken into account by the banks.

If you are looking for a loan, you should have at least 2000 dollars net earnings as a single earner with a wife and two sons. If the woman still has a slightly paid job, she could be the second borrower to sign the loan contract. This means that the entire income is considered as collateral.

But even a solvent guarantor can provide the necessary security. However, he must know that he must continue to pay the loan in case of default of the borrower. It must have a flawless and sufficient income. In this case, the guarantor will only be called if the borrower has all the legal authorities.

Low-Debit Credit – Is Overdraft the Right Choice?

Low-Debit Credit - Is Overdraft the Right Choice?

If you earn little and ask your bank for a loan, you are often offered to use the overdraft facility. If the borrower now takes about 800 dollars, his share could be 2400 dollars.

However, the device is intended only for short-term use, since it is very expensive. Some lenders charge up to 15% overdraft interest. Not a good long-term solution for loans. The ripcord should be pulled out at the latest when the use for the maintenance is made. This means that the income received no longer complies with the disposition.

The disposition can be converted into a loan. Especially if the disposition was long oversubscribed and the borrower can not compensate for them. In this case, the interview with the house bank should be sought. Low income – no credit? If the borrower selects an acceptable loan amount that adjusts to income, a low-income loan can be selected.

Here, the in-house savings bank acts as a lender. In particular, if the borrower has been a bank customer for many years and there were never any defaults. So there are banks that apply for a loan with an income of 600 dollars or more. However, this raises the question of what a loan interest can be paid.

For example, it can only be real if a young person earns 600 dollars and has all this fortune for himself, since he is still at home. What about the poor side of the school? The loan was denied by all credit institutions, but is needed immediately.

The non-creative loans can be a good alternative here.

The foreign banks, the funds come from abroad, but also demand an income above the seizure exemption limit. For an individual, that’s 1150 dollars per year. The borrower, who needs a low-income loan, thus gets out of this network.

As an alternative to a loan application from the principal bank, the loans can be considered as personal loans. Private investors lend to borrowers on so-called bond platforms. The conditions are not quite as strict as with a house bank. The borrower creates her own profile and submits her loan application. The purpose of the loan should be called the income and how high the loan rate can be.

You may be lucky enough to bid on multiple investors for the loan amount. It is always worth a visit, especially since the procedure is up to the approval of the loan.


Annuity Loans, Repayment Loans and Mortgage Loans (Real Estate Loans)

What types of real estate loans are there?

What types of real estate loans are there?

Mortgage lending generally consists for the most part of a real estate loan, which is provided by almost every bank. In addition, the mortgage loan, which is also referred to as a mortgage loan, is often supplemented by a home savings loan and / or a loan from Astro Finance. Even though the banks mostly talk about the (one) real estate loan, there are still different variants between which the customer can decide.

Here we briefly explain the different forms of financing and show advantages and disadvantages.

redeemable loan

redeemable loan

The first variant of the real estate loan is the so-called repayment loan, which has hardly been used in practice in recent years. Characteristic of the repayment loan is that not only the monthly loan installment is always the same every month, but that in contrast to the much more frequently used annuity loan as a standard real estate loan, the amortization portion is always the same. So if you take out a repayment loan over a term of 20 years, you will pay off the loan debt every year by five percent.
It is also called a down payment loan.



The Annuity Loan: Consistent rates with shifting portions of principal and interest

If the banks offer a real estate loan or namely a mortgage loan, then this is in the vast majority of cases an annuity loan. The name of this real estate loan is derived from the annuity, which basically means the annual loan installment. In terms of content, the essential feature of the annuity loan is that the loan installment is the same every month as in the repayment loan.

Annuity Loan: Interest

The main difference to the repayment loan, however, is that the proportion of interest and repayment is shifting over time. Because there is a – usually quarterly – repayment settlement, the interest from the sum over the years are getting smaller, so that the proportion of repayment increases. For example, if the annuity loan includes an initial principal repayment of two percent immediately after the loan has been taken, the repayment installment could already be five percent after ten years.

Final loan (or fixed loan)

Final loan (or fixed loan)

Final loan / fixed loan: Amounts of money originally intended for repayment can be meaningfully saved and invested.

Not as widespread and well known as the annuity loan, but still very useful in the course of some mortgage lending, may be another variant of the real estate loan, namely the so-called bullet loans. The term loan differs from the two above-mentioned variants repayment loan and annuity loan essentially by the fact that the entire loan purchase period is not repaid. Consequently, the monthly installment consists only of the interest, because the borrower takes the eradication only at the end of the term, and then in a sum.

Final loan: interest

The disadvantage of the structure of the fixed loan is that there is no repayment settlement, so that the borrower must pay during the entire time interest, which relate to the entire loan amount. This disadvantage, however, is in total an advantage in that the customer can profitably save the amounts actually intended for the repayment, usually in the course of a capital life insurance. Since the income is often greater than the disadvantage of non-repayment, the conclusion of a bullet loan from an economic point of view is quite often worthwhile.


Self-employed loan without proof of income – instant loan online

The main reason for the refusal is that self-employed and freelancers without collateral and proof of income have unpredictable income in fluctuating amounts. If you have a fixed salary or are an official, it is usually easy to get a loan. A loan from private individuals for self-employed without proof of income and Credit Bureau! Credit of private individuals for self-employed! However, a self-employed loan does not necessarily have to be used for commercial purposes and can therefore be used privately by the borrower.

Loans for the self-employed without proof of income

Loans for the self-employed without proof of income

Self-employed borrowers are not desired at every house bank as a customer, since their income is determined by them and fluctuates. In the case of self-employed persons, income statements and the Federal Office of Labor (BWA) can be used as evidence of income, as well as tax assessment. However, these do not include information about the current monthly income, but only about the annual income.

For some companies, the self-employed earn most of their money in a few years. For self-employed persons without proof of income, a loan can be made that distinguishes between professional and personal reasons for taking out the loan. It is not uncommon for financial institutions to provide self-employed loans for business purposes without proof of income. In this case, the lender is less involved in the current income of the self-employed or the current operating income than in the future revenue that can be generated by the participation.

KfW Bank’s funding focus is the ideal solution for the start-up phase and for eligible individual projects. Depending on the funding program, the development bank grants a loan for operational purposes without proof of yield at reduced interest rates, and also grants a largely variable repayment, which begins in a few years. The disposition limit on the private account is a loan for self-employed persons with no proof of income in most financial institutions.

The self-employed do not deduct the cash to be booked from their company account in cash, but transfer it from this to their private account. However, private withdrawals can not be considered proof of income or profit as the self-employed person may receive a higher or lower amount than the actual operating profit. For self-employed there is also the possibility of credit card, some with no proof of income, as more and more exhibitors only for new exhibitions, the monthly revenue must specify, but no proof.

Sel-employed loan basic requirements

The basic requirement for this procedure is usually that the self-employed person is satisfied with the standard availability framework. The publisher usually requires a proof of income as soon as the holder requests an increase in the card limit. An installment loan may also be taken out as a loan for the self-employed without proof of income if the applicant chooses a suitable instant loan.

The decisive factor for ensuring that the independent borrower does not provide proof of income is that the promised short processing time does not permit a thorough review of the documents to be submitted as a rule. The lender applies for the monthly income for the instant loan. Self-employed people can, of course, average their monthly income by calculating one-twentieth of their annual income.

However, when making the loan repayment, they ensure that the interest rate is the same for each calendar month and, if possible, choose a long-term solution, as this can lead to low monthly installments. Self-employed persons check, before submitting the loan application, whether the house bank’s procurement policy excludes them as credit customers.

An unsuccessful lending not only causes unnecessary time, but also worsens the Credit Bureau score. The self-employed are in some cases even willing to grant a loan to credit institutions that refuse to lend a loan together with a competitor. Mail order companies often provide a down payment as a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income for business and private contracts.

In the case of private contracts, there is usually not even a demand situation. For any purpose, a self-employed loan with no proof of income can be raised through a private lending platform. The loan request of a freelancer contains all details about the intended use and the income situation of the lender. For self-employed persons without proof of income, a loan taken out by a natural person is also available for commercial purposes.

The precondition is that the borrower refers to the planned utilization of the funds in the loan request. However, it should also be noted that platform members registered as lenders tend to sign a loan for self-employed persons without proof of income for private purposes and not for commercial purposes. The fact that it is particularly difficult for self-employed to borrow from credit institutions alone is considered as a reason for signing loan applications for societal purposes.


Mini loan for the unemployed – instant loan online

A mini loan for the unemployed – is that possible? In macroeconomic crises, crises in individual sectors or even serious management mistakes in companies of all kinds, the employees usually always suffer first. Are you unemployed but in desperate need of money? The mini loan for the unemployed is just right for you! It does not have to be this, because a small loan for the unemployed can bridge financial bottlenecks and provide financial security.

Loans for the unemployed

It is not easy to get a loan for the unemployed. It is overcrowded with loan sharks, but you hardly get any serious conditions. The unemployed, who are desperate for funds to overcome difficult financial conditions, are indeed offered opportunities for self-financing. In the article Loans without proof of income, we have already prepared some financing alternatives.

Nowadays, we have focused on the people for whom employment has been terminated by a number of circumstances. Often, these people receive unemployment benefits, which in certain situations can not pay the fixed monthly costs. Why do you need a loan for the unemployed? It is important to determine the purpose for which you are taking out a loan for the unemployed.

As an employee you have become accustomed to a certain standard of life and it is not easy for you to reduce the fixed costs? Lending in this position would probably not be the wisest solution, especially if you can not predict when you will receive a fixed salary again. In most cases, you receive unemployment benefits.

If you find yourself afterwards in a difficult financial situation, you can apply for a loan with much more favorable conditions. If the job is not available and the pay is insufficient, there are still four limited opportunities. If your existence is threatened by a lack of funding, you can apply to the Public Employment Service for a loan application.

This is strictly marked and can only be used in urgent cases. In the event of a sudden failure of the refrigerator or if the children do not need to wear proper clothing, the employment office may claim a loan for the unemployed. Proof that this claim can not be covered by unemployment benefits is necessary.

Hire car from the employment office

You can also apply for a hire car from the employment office if you are in a remote location without public transport connections. Such loans are for social cases. The best way to find out whether you are eligible for a loan from the employment office is at your local employment office.

To resolve short-term financial bottlenecks, you can also submit a mini loan to Lite Lender. Only your personal details and your bank code are required for this. You can rent up to 600, – Euro for 30 days. This is a very good way to pay quickly.

When you go to your bank, you are usually immediately dismissed as unemployed. If you do not have that, it is almost impossible to have a bank loan. Loans are expected to be paid on the basis of regular financial grants, such as regular income. Unemployment benefit is not considered as income by credit institutions.

You ask your best friend or relative to sign a loan contract and borrow the necessary capital. If you know that you will soon have a regular monthly income, the loan can easily be transferred to you. In our contribution Credit without income proof, we have called private credits on P2P portals an interesting alternative.

This also applies to self-employed or students who usually have a different concern with their admission. Loans can help many people to realize their wishes. However, remember that a loan can bring with it a certain amount of responsibility. Only in times of crisis should a loan be used for the unemployed. If you find a tempting loan for the unemployed on the net with a quick receipt of payment, you should always read the terms of the contract carefully.

In the Austrian Chamber of Labor, a number of dubious lenders in the German-speaking area have been published. If you are looking for a loan for the unemployed looking for a provider that requires a down payment, you will not accept this. In most cases you will not receive a credit even after your payment has been made.

Never pay in advance and insurance for a loan agreement. If you find a suitable financing solution, you can use our repayment calculator to get a quick idea of ​​your financing options.

Cash Loans

Cash loans near me -Where can I get a cash loan?

Although we all use loans, it turns out that many people don’t quite know what they are.

A cash loan can already be called a low and low-interest loan from a bank, which is repaid in installments on a specified and approximate date.

Where can I get a cash loan?

Then only the amount we have set. The loan can be a low amount where proof is enough or a high amount where you need to present in the bank a certificate of earnings from the last few months and then we calculate our creditworthiness and what amount of credit we can afford at the moment. See where you can find the best interest rate on cash loans – this page will help you choose.

Cash loans from Stan Smith Loans are ideally suited to our needs and we can negotiate a little repayment. We can adapt our installments to our needs and how long we want to repay the cash loan.

The first visit to the bank you can already get a loan

But only if we have all the papers and proof with you if it is a high loan. Such money can be used for whatever we want, which is why we do not have to explain it to the bank, which we will spend it on unless it is a high mortgage, for which we are pledging our own apartment or house.

You can call the helpline of each bank and discreetly find out everything that awaits us when concluding a loan agreement with the bank and what the whole procedure looks like and what you need to have with you to get it done quickly and safely.

We can also approach a specific bank

And ask about everything in the information department and the bank representative will explain everything to us and help us choose the best option.

Such a withdrawal of cash by the bank is carried out by withdrawal at the cash register, by postal order or by bank transfer to our bank account and the latter solution is the most secure, therefore, because with more cash you can be afraid that something may happen at a given moment stand with our money, so you must be very careful about thieves.

A ready income certificate can be printed from the Internet and you must submit your application to your employer. Today, however, many banks, especially when it comes to loans with lower amounts, do not want income certificates from clients, because they only need a statement from the client, which he can certainly make much faster than obtain a certificate.


Mertilosa or Verdana Loan? Which one I choose?

One could say that Mertilosa and Verdana Loan are two of the two most recognized financiers in the world of loans , despite having few common characteristics.

They specialize in fast credit deliveries for companies and individuals that require it, either to cover unforeseen expenses or to start a business.

While Verdana Loan grants credits without the need to justify the reason . Mertilosa, on the other hand, focuses more than anything else on financing purchases in different stores with which it has some kind of agreement.

Fast credits

money cash

The main advantage of the loans granted by both financiers is the speed of the process , since the delay time is 2 to 3 days from the request (and subsequent approval), compared to 15 days or more of a bank branch .

However, we must bear in mind that interest is a bit high, making this not the first option for many people. The most advisable thing is that once we have applied for the loan, we put all our efforts in getting out of debt as soon as possible.

Verdana Loan features

money cash

Verdana Loan should highlight the flexibility it offers us as consumers . In this entity we can request up to 6,000 euros, the money is available within 24 hours of approval and has no commissions of any kind.

Customer service is quite fast, and effective. You have included a section on the website that helps us with finances and the monthly budget. It is not necessary to change banks to hire the service and you can request the service not only online, but also by phone or postal mail.

However, this company has an offer different from any other, since in addition to having a lower maximum amount, it has a maximum term of 1 to 4 years , depending on the amount of the credit. The conditions are as follows:

  • For projects, Direct Cash: from € 3,000 to € 6,000.
  • Shopping Vida Libre: 3000 to 1500 €.
  • Quick Credit: € 500 to € 1,500.
  • All with an Annual Equivalent Rate of 24.51%.

It is worth mentioning that Verdana Loan has the least interesting personal loans. Direct Credit charges its own interest of 22.12% TIN, a high figure if we consider that there are loans with TIN less than 10%.

Mertilosa features

money cash

To begin to shred Mertilosa’s characteristics, we have to be clear that this company only offers loans to those who already belong to its customer list , that is, to those people who have already financed the purchase of products with them in associated stores.

Mertilosa loans, being for clients, can be focused on a longer term, thus allowing a much larger amount. All can be from 3 to 8 years and the conditions are as follows:

  • Loans of € 60,000 to € 10,000, Annual Equivalent Rate of 16.53%.
  • From € 6,000 to € 10,000, annual rate of 17.93%.
  • From € 0 to € 6,000, rate of 20.07% .
  • And the one with the lowest amount of € 3,000 to € 4,000, with an Annual Equivalent Rate of 26.32%.
  • They have 1% cancellation fee.

The answer to this question depends on what we need . If we require an amount less than € 4,000 and we are sure that we can pay it in a relatively short time, the best option is Verdana Loan.

On the other hand, if we are customers and the amount required is more than € 4,000, we will get much better with Mertilosa.


Internet Day and Information Society – To what extent has it influenced the evolution of current Beldosa Loan?

Today, on May 17, the Internet and Information Society Day is celebrated. This day is preceded by World Telecommunications Day, which in 2006 gave way to the current celebration. On this date, conferences, seminars, seminars, training activities, competitions, network games and many others are organized throughout Spain to learn about new technologies and their social involvement.

The new digital communication channels

The new digital communication channels

Such as social networks or professional networks, allow us to get in touch with people who, if these tools did not exist, we would not have been able to get to know so easily. In the development of all these alternative media, participatory financing platforms emerged, which put entrepreneurs in contact with investors.

The Beldosa Loan sector has taken advantage of the benefits of new information and communication technologies. Thus, Crowdlending (one of Beldosa Loan’s derivatives) puts people in need of financing in contact with those who want to invest their savings knowing where they are doing. Financial services based on technological innovation offer a fair alternative and provide greater profitability.

Beldosa Loan comes from the sum of ‘financial’ and ‘technology’

money loan

In this way, in this type of platforms and companies, finance is not understood without technology. This makes possible the activity of Edwin Drood, putting in contact people who seek the profitability of their savings with those who need to finance their ideas and projects, offer a fair alternative and provide greater profitability. In December 2014, according to Eurostat data, about 13 million customers already used financial applications online.

We are facing a new change of social, cultural and technological paradigm . Banking services, as we knew them so far, are transforming and redefining themselves driven by people. Edwin Drood offers an alternative financing system and uses new technologies to connect those seeking secure financing with those who want the best profitability for their savings.