Krispy Kreme will be giving you a dozen donuts for free on World Gratitude Day


You should show a little gratitude. World Gratitude Day is something you probably didn’t know existed, but Krispy Kreme is doing its best to get it on your radar. If you like donuts, you’ll be glad you did.

The Donut Slinging Shop wants you to send a dozen gift wrapped donuts to a friend or family member for the holidays that land on September 21st. You have a full week to do this. If you order a dozen donuts for someone else from September 21-27, Krispy Kreme will show you its gratitude by providing you with a dozen original glazed donuts for free. Everyone wins.

If you’re ordering a dozen for someone else, Krispy Kreme delivers them right to the recipient’s doorstep in a decorative box. To do this, order through that Krispy Kreme website or mobile app and enter the code “THANK YOU”. You choose one of two options. The World Gratitude Week bundle gives you the choice of sending a dozen with the original glaze or a dozen classically sorted in a “Thank you” or “Sending Some Sunshine” box. The “Custom Gift” option gives you these two options, or you can customize the dozen and there are additional box options.

However, the recipient must be in the delivery area of ​​the shop (or you can pick it up and deliver it yourself). As soon as this is clarified, you will receive a digital voucher for a dozen Original Glazed, which is valid until October 27th. It always feels good to give, especially when you are donating yourself at the same time.

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