Chicken wings, just before Super Bowl Sunday


There was certainly no shortage of bottlenecks in 2020 during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. Toilet paper? Disinfectant? Flour? Yeast? Cotton swab? Covid19 vaccinations? Everything you need for a good party seemed to run out at some point last year. Because who can throw a party without cotton swabs and toilet paper, even a more responsible “Social Bubble Only” party? And with Super Bowl Sunday just around the corner, the latest thing that’s running out, drumstick roll, please: Chicken Wings.

Yes, apparently the national chicken wing shortage is “the worst ever”. Dan Klein quoted Chris Baggott, the owner of ClusterTruck a report for WISTV in Indianapolis, Indiana. Some even advise ordering in advance if you want to spike it this Super Bowl Sunday as this is WFLA channel 8 news Report showed:

Now people tend to hoard toilet paper in an emergency because it ends up making feces. And there aren’t many alternatives when it comes to dealing with feces. But chicken wings are not the same as toilet paper and should by no means be used interchangeably. Then why is there a lack of chicken wings?

This is not a real conspiracy. Or a wrong wing. People ate more than an amount of poultry wings during the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic. According to the National Chicken CouncilIn 2020, the number of servings of chicken wings from restaurants increased by 7% compared to 2019, although restaurant visits decreased by 11%. This suggests that either the people who continued to go to restaurants ate a lot more chicken wings (e.g. “hmmm, instead of caviar or filet mignon I’ll use the chicken wings”) or more people ordered chicken wings by take-away. out or delivery. Or maybe both.

Regardless of that, 2020 seems to have been more of a chicken wing stripe. The National Chicken Council described Wings as “pandemic-safe” food. National Chicken Council spokesman Tom Super, who is unrelated to the Super Bowl or Tampa Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady, said: Changing their business model so much during the pandemic. Wings travel well and hold up during delivery terms. ”He added that chicken wings“ meet consumer demand for comfort food during the pandemic ”.

People weren’t just buying wings from restaurants. The National Chicken Council press release mentioned that retail / supermarket sales rose 10.3% to nearly $ 3 billion during the pandemic. This included a 37.2% increase in the frozen wings category in store.

That demand is unlikely to decrease this weekend. The National Chicken Council predicts Americans will eat a record 1.42 billion wings when the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Super Bowl LV this Sunday. When 2021 is like 2020 around 99.9 million people will follow the Super Bowl in the USA. That would mean about 14.2 wings per viewer, or 4.2 wings per viewer if one person happened to eat a billion wings.

One thing that should be different this year is the number of major Super Bowl meetings. Many public health and infectious disease experts, such as Anthony Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), have spoken out against Super Bowl parties that include those outside of your social bubble. Mixing and blending like this during the worst part of the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic in the United States yet would be like trying to put chicken wings in your ears: a really bad idea. Such a Super Bowl party could easily turn into a super spreader event.

But just because Super Bowl parties can be much smaller doesn’t mean chicken wings aren’t on the menu. The question, of course, is whether everyone will get all the wings they want. Will the chicken wing supply chain meet this massive demand? Or will it be like the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain and a lot of people ask, “What the chuckle?”

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