Internet Day and Information Society – To what extent has it influenced the evolution of current Beldosa Loan?

Today, on May 17, the Internet and Information Society Day is celebrated. This day is preceded by World Telecommunications Day, which in 2006 gave way to the current celebration. On this date, conferences, seminars, seminars, training activities, competitions, network games and many others are organized throughout Spain to learn about new technologies and their social involvement.

The new digital communication channels

The new digital communication channels

Such as social networks or professional networks, allow us to get in touch with people who, if these tools did not exist, we would not have been able to get to know so easily. In the development of all these alternative media, participatory financing platforms emerged, which put entrepreneurs in contact with investors.

The Beldosa Loan sector has taken advantage of the benefits of new information and communication technologies. Thus, Crowdlending (one of Beldosa Loan’s derivatives) puts people in need of financing in contact with those who want to invest their savings knowing where they are doing. Financial services based on technological innovation offer a fair alternative and provide greater profitability.

Beldosa Loan comes from the sum of ‘financial’ and ‘technology’

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In this way, in this type of platforms and companies, finance is not understood without technology. This makes possible the activity of Edwin Drood, putting in contact people who seek the profitability of their savings with those who need to finance their ideas and projects, offer a fair alternative and provide greater profitability. In December 2014, according to Eurostat data, about 13 million customers already used financial applications online.

We are facing a new change of social, cultural and technological paradigm . Banking services, as we knew them so far, are transforming and redefining themselves driven by people. Edwin Drood offers an alternative financing system and uses new technologies to connect those seeking secure financing with those who want the best profitability for their savings.